New Year!


You know that a new year is a time for re-visioning, re-focusing and re-engineering for our creative lives.

That's what I've been up to. Waiting for inspiration.

Some years back, Herbie Hancock told me that "the seasoned player is willing to wait for the ideas to come - because they always do." Slightly paraphrased, but accurate.

So, rather than busy myself for the sake of busying myself, I've been quiet and waiting for the ideas to flow again.

Often, I see the world changing so rapidly that I need to take such a moment. Maybe we all do. Action for the sake of action is not necessarily a good thing.

We need to be led by inspiration.

I've had a lag in my schedule that has allowed me to spend some quiet time, before I head back on the road in March. For the first couple weeks, I did not turn on the studio, except for a few little projects.

But now, I have a new song coming forth, and new ideas are starting to flow.

I must be showing my age!

Anyway, hope all is well with you. Stay in touch.

Peace and blessings,



Travel City


Yes, it's been a busy, busy, busy time...

I've been to Europe, back to LA for a week, off to Japan, back for 2 days, back to Europe for 10 days, back to LA again for a week, back to Europe again, back to LA, back to Europe again and finally back home for the holidays.

Grateful for the work and the music (yes, and even the travel...).

In a process of rediscovery what I'm supposed to do in this life. Doesn't this seem like a constant question for most of us? Time is moving so swiftly and change is happening in every area of my life - so it seems these questions are part and parcel with my process now.

In any case, more coming soon. Re-engineering is taking place, and I'll keep you posted.

Peace and love,




Improvisation Video:

Trance Improv Series

I'm starting to get this whole video thing now, and look forward to doing more.

Live Stuff

The Agape House Band, Al McKay Allstars, Sister Sledge et al

Finished up some overseas gigs last month with Al McKay and Sister Sledge in Morocco, Beirut, Rome, Moscow and Japan. October will be in France and Slovokia with November in Germany, Switzerland and moren. Meantime some more Agape House Band stuff. Click below for the full schedue...

Piano Meditation DVD

The Path of Peace

Powertools for Transformation

A gorgeous audio/visual journey featuring the solo piano of Ben Dowling and the evolving art of visionary painter, Mark Wagner.

With rave reviews from around the world, The Path of Peace generates a multi-sensory field of contemplative, unhurried loveliness - for listening, creating and meditation.

Regular Price: $19.95. Special Price: $14.95. More than one: $12.95 each!

Latest Record!

World Rising

Inspired by Hancock & Zawinul

Keyboardist Ben Dowling brings jazz, world and funk influences together in a percussion-rich groove-centric CD featuring Mindi Abair, Will Kennedy, Bob Sheppard, Satnam Ramgotra, Niki Haris and the late, great Carl Anderson.

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